"CATACOMB PRODUCTIONS" © 2003 Rev. Cáit Finnegan


Catacombs house all dead bones, buried in decay. 

History, herstory, all stories of their day. 

Memories that no one knows. 

Memories of friends and foes. 

Thoughts that they will never say.

In my own soul, buried deep, rotten stories dwell. 

Only good ones surface, while smiles would hide my hell. 

Mem’ries buried deep within,

Mem’ries of another’s sin 

Against me, I now shall tell.

My catacomb productions rising from within

My own creativity healing shall begin. 

Words and music flowing out 

Hope replacing every doubt 

Sealed in my soul by her sin.

I mourn youthful years long gone, ripped away from me. 

Shame secures the sepulchre, but truth holds the key. 

Resurrection sheds a light 

On my dark and deadly night. 

May this Grace now set me free!

May anger fuel your courage to let your own light shine 

On your darkest memory, let in light benign. 

Reclaim your own life today 

From the one who took away 

Your spark of light and life Divine.

You need not dwell in your hell of your catacomb, 

Or wait another day to roll away the stone 

That would keep you locked inside.

Rise up now and open wide 

The door to the life you own. 


Step Out of The Catacombs!  


Anyone who has ever suffered from abuse, whether it was emotional, psychological, spiritual, physical, sexual, or any combination of those terrors, knows that it is nearly impossible to acknowledge one has been a victim. 

Being a victim seems to say something negative about us, rather than about our abusers. 

Being a victim of a more powerful and evil force, frequently coming from a known and even loved person is an overwhelming reality which is very painful to acknowledge.

Acknowledging it, as necessary as it is for any healing, seems to increase the original pain because it makes us face the fact that not everyone we love and trust is trustworthy and loving, or at least not as much as we presumed and hoped.

Too many state laws ignore the fact that it is nearly impossible to deal with such horror in our personal lives until we have the opportunity to grow strong enough and that opportunity does not present itself simply by passing years.

Our ability to trust is destroyed or harmed so severely that becoming secure in our adult relationships is often a life-long effort. And, without that inner sense of security, it is impossible to deal with our original betrayal safely. 

We run. We hide. We ignore the abuse and its very real effects until we can run no more.

For many that does not happen until our own children reach the age we were at the time of our abuse.  For others it is when grandchildren reach that age. There is no time limit to this, as the legal system would allow.

State Statutes of Limitation need to be abolished in cases of childhood abuse. 

Criminal molesters of youth, whether pedophiles or ephebophiles are sick, but are still criminals, and allowing statutes of limitation to protect them only paves the way for further abuse of children. Some states are finally adjusting laws. 

Your abuser may be protected by civil law for a lifetime!  She may be protected by her religious community–that same community which did not protect you from her. You do not need to wait for them to deal with this.

If you are still a Christian, remember that Mercy and forgiveness do not negate justice and accountability!   Never confuse those virtues and values!

Your truth is what makes you who you are. Don’t let it be robbed from you or silenced. 

You are more than the abuse you suffered, much more!