Together we can HEAL.

Don't carry this burden alone.

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It's a painful word, "VICTIM."  The first time one uses it with one's own name can be traumatic.  

How did that happen to me? 

 How did I become a victim of sexual abuse?  

Why me?  

Why didn't I stop it?  

Why didn't anyone see it and stop it? 

Why did no one help me, save me?  

Do I live with this horror forever?


You are not ALONE!



Yet, here I am!


I have survived all this... however long it's been!

I hurt still,  I am deeply wounded, scarred...


 but I am here.

I will not allow it to sap the life from me.

I will not allow my truth to be ignored or denied.

I will protect myself.

I will do all I can to put a stop to sexual abuse in the Church(es)

and in the world.


Our Mission


I was a victim.  

I am a survivor.

I choose to be a celebrant!

I can, if I choose,

 celebrate the good in life, 

 in the lives of those I love.

I can choose 

to celebrate real Love.

I can choose 

to celebrate sexuality.

I can choose 

to celebrate Faith 

if I want to do so.

I can celebrate 

what I hold dear, 

celebrate it as I see fit, 

as best expresses

 the beliefs I have and the goodness in life I choose to live.

What's being done to stop this?


The sad REALITY faced by victims of abuse by religious sisters.

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